Deluxe II Off Road Camper Trailer

When it comes to finest off-road camper trailers for sale, it really doesn’t get better than Signature Camper Trailer’s impressive Deluxe II Off-Road Camper Trailer.

When it comes to experiences the true variety of experiences that Australia has to offer, there’s no denying that being able to comfortably travel off-road is key.

Some of Australia’s most iconic spots are located well and truly off the beaten road.

At Signature Camper Trailers, we are passionate about enabling nomads, couples and families alike to enjoy these amazing experiences in unrivalled comfort.

That’s where the Deluxe II Off-Road Camper Trailer comes into play.

The toughest little Nugget – built ready for Adventure.

The 2022 Deluxe II is Signature’s toughest little camper. This off-road camper trailer, created in collaboration with TOYTUF, is jam-packed with class-leading features in the ultimate Off Road Camper.

The Signature Deluxe II has a design and features that are unique to it, such as class-leading storage capacity, an enlarged storage cage that converts to a Kayak carrier, and slide down doors that provide more useable workspace.

Because of the overengineered components, this low weight item is constructed sturdy from the ground up. This Camper weapon is your key to discovery, with 12-inch electronic brakes and unique Suspension components, including customised Lovells Special Products Springs and Shocks.

The Signature Deluxe II by TOYTUF is our wildest and strongest Camper Trailer yet, packed with features and extras including over 110L of water, a plumbed Slide Out Kitchen, and 200Ah of battery power as standard.

MY22 Model Update

  • Full Lovells Special Products Suspension Package
  • Blackout Kit (Alloy Wheels, Tank Guard & Tread Plates)
  • Enerdrive ePro Battery Monitor (Lithium Ready)
  • Dometic 12v 240 Charger
  • Upgraded 12v Wiring System

Where can I get the Deluxe II Off-Road Camper Trailer?

The good news is that because of Signature Camper Trailer’s nationwide footprint, this beautiful off-road camper is widely available across Australia.

We can help you secure an Off-road camper trailers in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide.

And we believe there’s no better option that the Deluxe II Off-Road Camper Trailer.

Take a look inside


This trailer is extremely well suited for additional modifications or accessories!

Photos and Pricing Below

Airbagman Suspension Kit w/Compressor Digital Gauges, Dual Paddle Inflate/Deflate Switches – Installed $3300

Toytuf HT1600 Hard Shell Tent – $2399

Toytuf Turon 270 Awning – $949

H-Beam Mounting Brackets x2 – For Large Tents exceeding 1800mm Long or 1400mm in width – (Tent/ Awning Not Included) – $295

Raptor Coating Protection to Wheel Arch and Guards – $660

Maxtrax MkII Mounted with Genuine Mounting Pins $490

Our Deluxe model ​features a lightweight, compact, go-anywhere design.


(Built in collaboration with Signature Camper Trailers)

Sleeps 2

Sleeps 2

Rooftop experience

Rooftop experience



Affordable at a popular price range

Affordable at a popular price range

Unique design

Unique design

Ease of storage when not in use

Ease of storage when not in use

Custom Lovells Special Products Suspension System

Enerdrive ePro Plus Battery Monitor (Lithium Ready)

Rooftop cage with compartments for everything from timber for your fire, through to your kayak

Dual pressurised water tanks, totalling 111 litres, to Sink and Drawbar, capable of handling a good number of showers and multiple dish washing events before a refill is required.

But just in case we have added storage for 2 x 20 litre jerry cans to carry more water.

2x 100amp hour deep-cycle AGM batteries

Rooftop tent ready with unlimited Tent Options

Awning Ready - Pick & Choose from a range of Products & Designs

Dometic 240v Charging

Plenty of storage

Storage for 1 x 8.5kg or 9kg gas bottle providing between 50-60 hours of cooking time if both burners are used together.

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Credit One - Smarter Finance and Insurance

Credit One - Smarter Finance and Insurance

1/ Enerdrive DC2DC 40+ Charger – Including Waterproof Anderson Plug for Solar Input – $1190


2/ 240v Site Pack – Including 15amp Site Connection, 20amp Breaker Switch & 2x Double GPO’s – $975


3/ Enerdrive ePower 2000w Inverter with AC Transfer & Safety Switch – $1,890


4/Raptor Coat Protection – Wheel Arch and Guard Protection –  $660


5/ Maxtrax MKII Recovery Boards with Mounting Pins Intalled – $490


6/ Airbag Suspension – Custom Airbag Man Suspension Setup with Digital Guages, Paddle Inflators & Compressor – $3300


7/ TOYTUF ST1400 Roof Top Tent (plus $500 for ST1600) – $1369


8/ TOYTUF HT1600 Hard Shell Roof Top Tent – $2399


9/ TOYTUF Macca 2000 Awning 2.0m Awning $199


10/ TOYTUF Turon 270 Degree Freestanding Awning $949.95


* Darche and 23Zero Tents and Awnings Available – ask for Pricing