What is a Hybrid Camper Trailer

Hybrid Camper Trailer

Hybrid Camper Trailers have exploded onto the Australian Market in recent years, and the reason why is easy to see.

The Hybrid Camper or Caravan is easy to setup, generally shorter and easier to tow, often built on a tough Off Road base and come with all the luxury someone looking for a Caravan would expect.

So what is a Hybrid Camper Trailer?

A Hybrid Camper Trailer is a cross between a Camper Trailer and a Caravan. It’s built with solid walls and roof, removing a lot of the canvas, which makes setup a much quicker option.


The Hybrid Camper is often smaller in dimension than their Caravan cousins, being smaller in width, they are designed to sit in a similar footprint to a larger 4wd, making them easier to tow and making bush tracks a real option for that off grid camping experience.


By putting the kitchen and cooking facilities outside, it makes the most of the smaller indoor space for sleeping and storage to create a true outdoor living environment.

Off Road Ability

One of the great aspects of Hybrid Camper’s is that they are generally made from a tough Off Road base. With reinforced chassis and independent swing arms, to off road focused suspension setups, the Hybrid Camper can go to many of the hidden tracks and places a regular caravan simply wouldn’t get too.


Part of what makes Signature Camper Trailers Hybrid Camper’s so tough is the strength built into the Camper Trailer. The Hybrid Camper is made from a tough Aluminium Composite Panel and solid 150mm Hot Dip Galvanised chassis. The strength is designed and built into the Camper Trailer.

External Living and Cooking?

A unique feature of the Hybrid Camper is the ability to live and cook outside. With a huge Stainless Steel kitchen which slides out from the side of the Camper, setting up and cooking takes next to no time. The Electric Awning glides out over your head and the annexe walls gives the ability to enclose the space in providing extra protection from the elements.

The 4 Burner Gas Stove on the Iridium Hybrid Camper gives a stack of cooking space for all your yummy creations.

There is good reason for Hybrid Camper Trailers to have hit the Australian Caravan market with so much excitement, they are perfectly suited to the Australian way of living and cater to the wants of many couples with their Off Road ability, easy of use and comfort.

Let the team at Signature Camper’s help get you into a Hybrid Camper Trailer today.

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