The Ultimate Guide of the Eyre Peninsula, SA - Part One

Words and photography by : Brodie & Heidi from Trip on Wheels



Difficulty – Mostly sealed with some beach and dirt tracks. – Easy

Gear Required – Camping equipment, 4WD or reliable vehicle

Points of Interest – Silo Art, Port Germein jetty, Kimba – halfway across Australia, Smoky Bay, Point Brown rockpools and beach’s, Murphy’s Haystacks, and the Granites in Streaky Bay.

Things to Do – Sightseeing remote coastal towns, fishing, paddleboarding, swimming your way around pristine beaches and rock pools, sand dune and beach driving, tasting some of Australia’s best seafood

Need to Know – Plan ahead by stocking up on food and alcohol as these are remote coastal towns with small supermarkets. Ensure you have a sand free large mat for outside your set up, as around the Eyre Peninsula it can be very sandy/dusty and there isn’t many if any grassy areas!

Track / Trip Length – 18 hr (1,700 km) from Sydney NSW via Sturt Hwy/A20 to Kimba, South Australia.

How to Get There – via Sturt Hwy/A20 via Port Augusta via Kimba on the Eyre highway to the first base camp in Smoky Bay South Australia.

Best Time to Go – A great destination all year round depending on whether you like to be cooler or soak up the sun. November– February are the summer months with plenty of sunshine, minimal rainfall, an average temperature of 28 degrees and the sun stays up longer, sunset is between 8:30pm – 9:15pm. It is peak season and can get very busy in some areas, be sure to book ahead. June – August is wet season, average high of 16 degrees and still an awesome spot to explore.

Exploring the coastline of the Eyre Peninsula, soaking up the tranquillity, fishing, pristine beaches and rockpools that will leave you speechless!

Trip On Wheels Rolls Into Paradise

Let us give you the Ultimate guide to exploring the Eyre Peninsula that will leave you wanting this to be your next camping trip! Rolling into spectacular Australian Silo Art, historical jetties, hitting the town that is halfway across Australia, pristine beaches and rockpools, historical rock formations, fishing, and seafood feasting in the oyster capital of Australia. Let the good times roll and the adventures begin in our Signature 13ft Hybrid caravan, fully loaded and we are ready to hit the road on our biggest adventure yet. After 1100 kilometres of driving, Silo Art stops, 40+ degree temperatures, we crossed the border into South Australia.

We rolled into the sea-side town of Port Germein, just 6 kilometres from the turn off from the Augusta highway and home of the longest wooden jetty in South Australia and one of the longest in Australia. Port Germein’s jetty was constructed originally in 1881 and extended another 400 feet in 1883, it now stands at 1.676 kilometres long. Walking along this historical jetty where the mountains meet sea, immerse yourself in glancing in different directions and the crystal-clear blues of the sea to then look back at the stunning countryside behind you. A great spot to stop in to have some lunch, stretch the legs and soak up the views that surround you. It was time to set up for the night and call it a day, we parked up at the Port Augusta Sports Club Park. It was $7 per night, they have honesty box if the Club is not open, dump point available and driving distance to stock up on fuel, water, and food.

On the road again and at our location for the next 10 days, driving into the caravan park with a smile from ear to ear, hello Smoky Bay! We stayed at Smoky Bay caravan park, it was $36 per night for a powered site, great facilities offered, and the park was kept very tidy as well as clean. Sun is shining, backed up the van into our campsite, great atmosphere in the park already and the views of the Bay were amazing from our campsite. Set up our base camp for the next few days now time to catchup with our friends and to crack a cold one while heading for swim. Smoky Bay is a small coastal seaside town on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, a thriving oyster industry and a place to immerse yourself into complete relaxation. We spent our days at Smoky Bay fishing and trying local oysters as well as eating freshly caught squid + fish, swimming, paddle boarding, meeting new people and chin waging, day trips to places nearby, beach days, and just soaking up the serenity of this cracker place.

Smoky Bay was our base camp and within our 10 days here we did some day trips to places nearby. Off the beaten track around 30 minutes from Smoky Bay is a place called Point Brown, take a day trip out here and explore or stay at one of the free campsites. Important to note that Point Brown is 4wd access only as the roads are dirt, unsealed and sand tracks, self-contained caravans/campers only as no dump points or water available. Take the road less travelled and be met by a stunning coastline of cliffs that lead to a natural rockpool and secluded bays + beach’s that have water that is crystal clear and the bluest of blues. Parked the cars and walked down along the rocks surrounded by stunning bays we came to the Point Brown rockpool, this spot was speccy and of course we jumped in for a dip. After being beyond amazed at this location, we did not think it could get better but after driving back on the tracks past a couple of campsites and beaches, we came to a beach that left us speechless! We drove down the sandy track, set up the awning and decided what spot to have some lunch, overlooking one of the most amazing beaches we have ever seen. The colour of water was insane, the clarity was beyond belief and our day trip to Point Brown was defiantly worth driving off the beaten track because, wow this spot was one to remember.

After some days spent at the beach, paddle boarding, more fishing and just enjoying staying at our base camp in Smoky Bay, it was time to go out and explore some more! We headed into Streaky Bay which is around 50 minutes from Smoky Bay to check out the town, have pub feed and go explore Murphy’s Haystacks. Streaky Bay was a beautiful town to walk around and explore, there is places to camp here, places to stock up on supplies and fuel too. We then headed to the local Hotel Motel for a cold one and a “pub” feed, wow this place had a lot of character and the view of the Bay was very impressive. Time to keep on rolling to head 30 minutes out of Streaky Bay to explore the boulders known as Murphy’s Haystacks. A small donation of $2 per adult and $5 per family via an honestly box is asked as it’s located on farm. Take a walk around and explore these pink granite boulders that were formed 1500 million years ago. Murphy’s Haystack had all different shaped and shades of boulders that had a uniqueness to each formation as well as a lot of history behind them. A picnic area, toilets and camping are available at Murphy’s Haystack’s if you want a country feel but still be close to coast of the Eyre Peninsula and enjoy a sunset or sunrise over the boulders that are surrounded by lush farmland.

The final location we explore in part one of Eyre Peninsula are The Granites, located only 15 minutes out of Streaky Bay. The car park is located along the cliff line of this coast and the view of The Granites and surf break out the back is one for the photo album. Take a walk down some steps whilst taking in the ocean air to an epic surf break for all the surfers out there or take a dip and snorkel in the lagoon style rockpools or simply just soak in the sun and embrace this breath-taking spot. The 10 days we spent in Smoky Bay were nothing short of amazing, the adventures we had in this time as well as the places we explored, the new people we met had has thinking – this is living! What a way to kick off the trip and now time to adventure on to our next location for our trip, stay tuned for part two of the Ultimate guide to the Eyre Peninsula from Trip on Wheels!


Life Is Better Camping

The Eyre Peninsula adventures part one staying in Smoky Bay and making the most of having a base camp by exploring nearby gems that will blow mind! From Silo art to pristine beaches, rockpools and a whole lot more, the adventures are unlimited on the Eyre. Roll into paradise and make sure to put these cracker locations on your camping trip list.

Silo Art Trail – Australia has some amazing Silo Art trails that connect communities through art on local Silo’s and water tanks. Our trip from Sydney to Smoky Bay (depending which highways you take) we came across Silo Art at Narrandera NSW, Hay NSW, Paringa SA, and Kimba SA. The largest outdoor galleries that represent historical stories through art form.

Port Germein Jetty – home to one of Australia’s longest wooden jetties that was originally constructed in 1881 and standing at 1.676 kilometres long. Take a walk down this historical jetty taking in the stunning ocean views to then look back at the lush countryside in the opposite direction, the best of both worlds.

Kimba, Halfway Across Australia – the name says it all, the halfway point between Sydney and Perth, Kimba Silo Art, and home of the Big Galah. Take a photo with the iconic sign and Silo Art then check out the iconic Halfway Across Australia Café and giftshop.

Smoky Bay – Smoky Bay is a small coastal seaside town on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, great caravan park with views of the Bay and walking distance of crystal-clear waters to jump in for a dip or throw a line in for fish. Immerse yourself into complete relaxation in this seaside town to set up camp and let the good times roll. Great fishing, swimming in the pristine bay, paddle board, snorkel or simply just soak up sun around the campsite.

Point Brown Rockpools and Beach’s – Dive into paradise at Point Brown’s epic rockpool then drive down to beaches that left us speechless. Point Brown is 4wd access only and going off the beaten track to this spot was worth the drive. Camping available, dog friendly and secluded bays + beach’s that have water that is crystal clear and the bluest of blues.

Murphy’s Haystacks – Take a stroll around the Iconic pink granite boulders that were formed 1500 million years ago known as Murphy’s Haystacks located on a farm that offers toilets, campsites, and picnic area. Historical and unique boulders that are different shapes as well as colours surrounded by lush countryside, the combination is worth exploring!

The Granites – Coastal cliff lines that leads to lagoon style rockpools to dive right into and explore in or walk along the rocks to take in the view of the ocean and granite rocks that surround. Head out the back and catch a wave at the Granites with a surf break that is surfers play pen.

Making Memories One Campsite At A Time

Each day is another opportunity to make memories one campsite or place at a time and explore what the coastline of the Eyre Peninsula has to offer. Historical jetties, making it to halfway across Australia, pristine beaches and rockpools, fishing and feasting on local seafood, silo art and the endless opportunities to make some memories. Ensure to put these cracker locations on your camping trip list and discover paradise for yourselves!

Signature Camper Trailers

We would like to thank our great customers Brodie & Heidi for sharing this adventure with us, certainly looked like a great taste of the Australian Outback!

Be sure to follow their adventures on their Instagram – ‘triponwheelss_

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