Pop Top Camper Trailers


Small doesn’t have to equal less when it comes to hard-top camper trailers! You may have all of the conveniences and room of a standard camper, but with additional exploring options because to the retractable top.

The low clearance of a pop top camper trailer improves fuel efficiency by enhancing slipstream and lowering wind drag, allowing you to go longer.

Because of their low profile, pop-top camper trailers, also known as forward fold camper trailers, are simple to manoeuvre and pull (particularly in highly forested regions), providing you the flexibility to explore the best-kept secrets of the Australian outback. When you get to your location, the top portion may be raised to give plenty of living space for groups of various sizes, and then lowered to conserve storage space when you go home.



Signature Camper Trailers’ hard- and pop-top campers for sale are designed to meet the most stringent off-road specifications.

We are delighted to be associated with Wholesale Suspension, and we have altered many sections of our trailers to guarantee they can withstand everything the rocky Australian bush can throw at them while keeping you comfortable.

Your pop-up camper trailer will be better suited to regulate bounce, absorb bumps on uneven roads, and accompany you on many more trips as a result of our modifications.

Also known as front fold camper trailers, our range of pop-top camper trailers are available in a number of locations across Australia meaning that if you are looking for a Pop-top camper trailer in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, Signature Camper Trailers have you covered.

Iridium 13 - Hybrid

Iridium 15 - Hybrid

Iridium 13 - Hybrid

Iridium 15 - Hybrid


Signature Camper Trailers’ range of pop-top camper trailers let you to explore more of the stunning Australian terrain.

They’re small, comfy, and ready to go off-road whenever you are. Every one of our models, including our hybrid, front fold, and hard floor variants, is built to withstand even the most punishing terrains and climates.

By contacting office@signaturecampertrailers.com.au or calling 1300 935 400, you can make an appointment to see or buy one of the pop-top campers for sale at our Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide showroom.