Hybrid Camper Trailers


If you are after the luxury & convenience of a caravan with the ruggedness of a camper trailer, then a hybrid camper trailer is perfect for you.

Hybrid caravan/camper trailer have been the rage in the Australian RV industry, combining the ease of set-up and many of the conveniences of a caravan with the bush-ability of a camper trailer.

So, what exactly is a hybrid camper? They’re essentially a hard-shell camper trailer without the canvas, and they’re usually slimmer and lighter than a caravan, allowing them to be hauled over rough bush paths more easily.

They’re also simpler to put up than most canvas campers, and the hard shell provides superior insulation and weather protection. You also won’t have to worry about storing damp canvas.

Many feature pop-up ensuites in the back, a pop-top roof, or fold-out hard-floor expansions to keep them small.


Hybrid Caravans for Sale

Signature Camper Trailers has an extensive range of hybrid camper trailers for sale.

If you are searching for Hybrid Camper Trailers in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane, we can help!

Our extensive range of hybrid camper trailers offer the highest standards in off-road capabilities, bringing you the convenience of a caravan with the ability of a camper trailer to reach a wide variety of destinations a traditional caravan simple would not be able to achieve.

Available in 13-foot and 15-foot models, our range of hybrid camper trailers offers something for everyone.

Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, you’ll truly be the king of the road in these magnificent feats of engineering.

Iridium 13 - Hybrid

Iridium 15 - Hybrid

Iridium 13 - Hybrid

Iridium 15 - Hybrid

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At Signature Camper Trailers, we are committed to providing nomads, couples and families alike with exceptional value hybrid camper trailers that stand the test of time and terrain.

Holidaying locally and discovering the Australian countryside doesn’t have to be restricted to commercial camping areas. There are plenty of wonderful things and places to visit in our beautiful country, so wherever you decide to travel on your next excursion, you can be certain that your trailer will be able to keep up.

Hybrid camper trailers are simpler to pull through dense bush and are more fuel-efficient owing to their lower profile than traditional caravans, all without sacrificing capacity or luxury. All of the hybrid caravans we sell are engineered to survive any temperature or terrain, allowing you to see more of Australia’s hidden natural wonders.