Camper Trailer to Cape York

Camper Trailer to Cape York

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Taking your Camper Trailer to Cape York?

We go to many Caravan, Camping and Adventure shows around Australia and we love to get to know what the bucket list journey is.


Where are people off to explore and experience and what’s on that ‘must do’ list of destinations. Out of all the amazing places that Australia has to offer, Cape York, the tip of Australia is without a doubt the most common answer.


We’ve been up to Cape York a couple of times. Making the journey up from Sydney means it’s no short trip, but with proper planning and preparation the trip is easily achievable and there is no reason to delay the adventure any longer.


When talking about that Bucket List destination, and the journey to Cape York, we’re often asked if it’s ok to take a Camper Trailer to the top.


The short answer is Yes.


You can absolutely take your Camper Trailer, or more specifically a Signature Camper Trailer, to Cape York. As with anything as exciting and big as this adventure, being properly prepared is key.


The old saying is “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance” – the same could never be truer for your Cape York Trip with the Camper Trailer and common sense prevails.


Taking a Camper Trailer up to Cape York shouldn’t be a nerve racking experience, but consider where you are going and your plans and timeline.


For example, the Old Telegraph Track is NOT a suitable place to drag a Camper through (despite what they do on the TV). Whilst the Camper Trailer will likely survive the experience, the chances of damaging equipment or getting caught out is significantly increased.


Consider this – the water is likely deep (with a few crocs here and there) and many crossings can be boggy and challenging without a Camper Trailer attached. There are also other people out enjoying the track. You dragging your 2t Camper Trailer through a difficult challenge will slow the whole show down. Our last trip ended up with a 8 car wait to get through the notorious Palm Creek because some clever Clancy spent the best part of 90 minutes trying to dislodge his Camper Trailer from the clay banks – not impressed.


My advice – drop the Camper at Bramwell Station, setup camp for a few days and tackle the Old Telegraph Track as a day trip. I promise you will still see the whole track and not miss out on anything.


Similar advice goes for the Frenchmans Track. A fantastic track with a stack of awesome challenges and crossing the beautiful Pascoe River is an experience you can’t miss. We setup Camp at Moreton Telegraph Station and made a day trip of it. The experience was the same and we came back to a setup camp, hot showers and cold beer.


We’d be happy to talk more about this amazing adventure and give you that little push to get on the road and do it, play it smart, be prepared and have an amazing experience – hopefully with a Signature Camper Trailer in tow.

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