Camper Trailer Excellence and Quality

At Signature Camper Trailers we are all about family and experiencing adventure outdoors.


We recognise that it helps to have a few good toys to enjoy as well. With that in mind we have designed and engineered our unique camping solutions. These solutions address critical needs ensuring you are buying an affordable, comfortable and high-quality camper trailer that is the right size for your family.


We noticed that many camper trailers currently available are not built to last.  We started Signature Camper Trailers to buck that trend.  We decided to offer a locally assembled great quality camper trailer product built for Australian and New Zealand’s tough conditions.

Why are we different?

Holidaying locally offers so many advantages such as more frequent getaways and access to the beautiful camping sites scattered around the country. But why limit your outdoor experience to the camping grounds when adventure and nature’s beauty can be found off-road at our many lakes, rivers and nature areas. This means your camper trailer needs to have the capability to withstand the journey. Let’s face it. You don’t want to be stuck off the beaten track kilometres from the nearest township because your trailer has broken down.

Our goal at Signature Camper Trailers, is to create a quality, lasting camper trailer, that remains affordable for the average family budget.


Signature Camper Trailers has worked very closely with Wholesale Suspension to ensure our trailers suspension is up to the task of combating the Australian outback and New Zealand off-road tracks.  To ensure this, we have tweaked many of the parts in the swing arms, shocks, grease points, and more.  We have hand selected Powerdown shocks for the trailers. The shocks are Australian designed, USA manufactured and come highly recommended as they offer the right characteristics to deal with tough off-road conditions.

Why is that important?

The superior tri-valve setup gives good rebound/upstroke to control bounce whilst at the same time good compression characteristics required to deal with soaking up bumps on corrugated dirt roads. The focus on these two elements ensures your investment in our trailers will endure.


This is only the start of our attention to detail.

Meet our team

Built on adventure and experience, the team at Signature Camper Trailers live for exploring Australia and getting outdoors. Mark, Sean, Scott and the rest of the team at Signature have travelled to many amazing locations in Australia, including several trips to the top of Australia (Cape York), visited the amazing Victorian High Country, traversed central west Queensland and toured the amazing Kakadu National Park, amongst other amazing locations.

Building Camper Trailers based on a desire to get outdoors and with a wealth of experience and knowledge – our life is helping others getting out and exploring this amazing country.

Please call us or visit our showroom to learn more.