What to look for when buying a Camper Trailer or Caravan

Buying a Camper Trailer or Caravan?

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Buying a Camper Trailer or Caravan, especially when it’s your first Camper is an exciting adventure, it’s also confusing, daunting and easy to get overwhelmed.


Finding a Camper Trailer suitable for your family, but that is also well built and is practical and comfortable is important. On the whole, many Camper Trailers and Caravans look the same from the outside – its like a car, there are only so many ways Campers can be made.


What will be different between each model is the quality of the camper, the fit and finish, the layout and the inclusions.


When you consider why you are buying a Camper Trailer, the most common reason will be for holidaying with family and friends. When considering what we all want in a Camper Trailer, its to be comfortable, easy to setup and pack up, well made and long lasting.


Our advice when looking for the perfect Camper Trailer – split the areas that are important to you up and make sure the boxes are ticked. So lets narrow it down.

Camper Trailer Comfort

Camper Trailers and Caravans, especially those with built in lounge or seating areas, with vary in their design and layout. It also means the dimension of the seating will vary. You wouldn’t buy a couch for your house without sitting in as many sofa’s and lounges as possible, why would you buy a Camper when your intending to be comfortable in it.

Sit down and check the seating, are your knees too high, the seats too narrow, the materials too cheap?

Sleeping and your Mattress

Just like buying a couch for your home, would you buy a Mattress without at least laying down on one?  A large part of owning a Camper Trailer or Caravan is that you are transporting your bed on wheels. The whole Camper revolves around the bed. Just because the Camper has a bunch of ‘bonus’ accessories, will they help you get a good night sleep when out bush?


Check the mattress, make sure your Camper Trailer is comfortable – a bad night sleep can ruin a good holiday and can cost you hundreds of dollars and frustration trying to find a new mattress that will fit your Camper Trailer.

Fit and Finish

A shiny or tough finish which looks great in the showroom, or a fast talking salesman doesn’t necessarily mean the Camper Trailer or Caravan is well built.

The quality of the materials and components, the type of flooring and the quality of the canvas need to all be looked at closely. Open the cupboards, check the shelving, pull out the drawers. A poorly built Camper will start to deteriorate and ware quickly.

Camper Trailer Build Components

Like the materials and components, all Camper Trailers will be built using varying components, such as hitches, jockey wheels and suspension components. By checking if the Camper Trailer is built with named brand components, such as quality Australian accessories and equipment, will mean they are built to a higher standard and not ‘slapped together’.


Shocks and Suspension components are a big part of the development and functionality of a Camper Trailer. Have the hubs been chosen so that spare parts are readily available and are the shocks up to the task of the tough Australian conditions.


Choosing named brand equipment means your likely to be covered by additional manufacturers warranties as each accessory will have a responsibility to the Consumer.

Customer Service

With so many Caravan and Camper Trailer brands out there, the options for consumers has never been better.

Be wary of what bobs second cousin heard about the bloke down the road and hence wrote a review, speak to genuine owners and get a feel for the experiences people have had in their Camper Trailer buying adventures.

Having a good customer service history and honest people behind the scenes will go a long way to making sure you enjoy your new Camper Trailer.

Signature Camper Trailers isn’t just about selling Camper Trailers and Caravans, we know this is an adventure for many people, which is why we love getting out and talking to people about their experiences and adventures. If you need help or want to learn some more don’t be afraid to get in touch – just be aware, if you tell us where you’re going then we will tell you where we’ve been!

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