DC2DC Chargers in Camper Trailers

DC2DC Chargers in Camper Trailers

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Powering your Camper when you need it!!!

What is a DC2DC Charger?


A DC2DC Charger installed in your Camper Trailer’s primary job is to keep your batteries charged up to 100%, whilst enabling regulated Solar Input and a safety mechanism to ensure the Camper Trailer doesn’t run your car battery flat.


How do my Camper Trailer’s batteries get charged?


Camper Trailers receive charge from your car when travelling by being connected to the car’s batteries. This is done by having a 50 Amp Anderson Plug installed near the tow bar and wired to the car’s battery.


A 50 Amp Anderson Plug is fitted to the front of the Camper Trailer which is wired to the Camper Trailer’s batteries.


Once the Camper Trailer is connected to the car, a link is formed between the car’s battery and the Camper Trailer batteries. When you turn your car on, the Alternator will kick in and provide a charge to the car battery, and in turn to the Camper Trailer battery.


Do I need a DC2DC Charger?


A large part of that depends on how you want to use the Camper Trailer.


The problem with modern day cars is that they use systems such as a ‘Smart Charge’ where the car will reduce the Voltage output of the Alternator when the car warms up or it senses the cars main battery as being at a certain voltage.


Car Alternators aren’t designed to charge multiple batteries, they are simply there to recharge the cars starter battery so the next time you turn the car on there is enough battery charge when you need it.


The Camper Trailer will receive charge from the battery but it simply won’t charge the Camper Trailer battery back up to 100%. If you primarily camp where you have 240v, such as a Caravan Park, this may not be an issue and the power provided by the car will be enough to keep the fridge running whilst in transit.


If you camp ‘Off Grid’ primarily and are relying on battery power or solar power, then a DC2DC charger would be a great investment.


The DC2DC Charger is designed to isolate your Camper Trailer battery system from the alternator. The DC2DC Charger then picks up the cars charge, regardless of the voltage, and uses a charging system to boost and maximise the charging capacity to get a possible 100% charge into the Camper Trailers battery.


Most DC2DC Chargers, including the Enerdrive DC2DC Chargers installed into Signature Camper Trailers, also has an inbuilt Solar Regulator. By installing a dedicated Solar Input into the side of the Camper Trailer, a Solar Panel can be attached when at camp and the DC2DC Charger will continue to charge and manage the input the batteries receive.


The Enerdrive DC2DC Charger can automatically pick the engine or solar charging to determine the most efficient charging source for the Camper Trailer.


A good quality DC2DC Charger has a huge number of benefits, including longer Off Grid Camping, a safer charging source and regulated input which will extend the life of your Camper Trailer’s batteries.


Talk to us about your camping adventures and we hope we can help you in deciding what accessories you need in your Camper Trailer.

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